Micro Magnetics

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Micro Magnetics aims to advance commercial applications of spintronics and provides innovative solutions, products, and services in the areas of magnetic sensing and semiconductor metrology.

Its magnetic current imaging system, the Circuit Scan 1000, is a high-resolution magnetic microscope which provides current density images of operating integrated circuits (ICs). This product family has found utility for failure analysis, fault isolation, and yield enhancement of ICs.

The SpinTJ Series magnetic field sensors are based on next-generation magnetic tunnel junction technology (a.k.a. MTJ or TMR) that offer excellent magnetic sensing capabilities. The SpinTJ sensors feature linear and bipolar response, superior field sensitivity, low noise, low power consumption, and small size. These sensors can also withstand extreme environmental conditions. The SpinTJ Series magnetic sensors have been used in a number of cutting-edge industrial and research applications, including semiconductor failure analysis, compassing and navigation applications, biomagnetic sensing, basic and applied research in magnetism and currency/media validation.

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